3 months in and going strong!

Today Classic Pinellas Radio received notification from its hosting platform that we have met our initial assessment goal.

Radionomy requires new stations to achieve an average of 12 listener hours a day over 30 days, within the first three months. This means if you listen to Classic Pinellas between 2pm and 3pm, that’s one listener hour. If you and your friend listen between 2pm and 3pm, and me and my friend listen to Classic Pinellas between 6pm and 7pm, that’s actually four listener hours for today. If all four of us listen for one hour each every day for a month, then we have achieved an average of 4 listener hours a day over 30 days.

I am extremely happy to report that Classic Pinellas Radio is currently at 43 average listener hours a day over 30 days! Actually, at one point we peaked at 55 hours thanks to the launch of Anthony Parrulli’s Percussion Panorama program on September 1st. Within days we attracted a whopping 107 listener hours in one day.

Nobel medal
Not quite the same as a Nobel Prize, but we are still proud of today’s accomplishment!

In addition to the launch of Anthony’s new program, we have refined the schedule, added multiple segments such as Classic Questions and Classic Concerts, and are planning to launch a new version of the Concert Band Spectacular hosted by Dr. Jeffrey Traster on October 1 – look out for that press release later this week.

All in all, Classic Pinellas Radio can be deemed a success. Our next goal is to reach an average of 130 listener hours a day over 30 days, within the next six months (March 26, 2017), and possibly even upgrade from the Radionomy platform to a self-hosted option with apps. That will require a Radio Messaging Advocate (Sales) as well as a Technical Engineer to help everything run smoothly without interruptions.

THANK YOU for being a part of the Classic Pinellas Radio family of listeners, supporters and advocates. Today’s success is due to your passion for music. Let’s continue using Classic Pinellas to encourage other folk in our communities to attend live concerts.

Who knows… maybe one day we can actually get on the airwaves with our own FM frequency!

Happy listening,

Stephen P Brown

Classic Pinellas Radio Founder, and host of Soothing Classics with Stephen and Stephen’s Hall of Fame Concert


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